Good People Doing Great Work

Dubbe Moulder Architects (DMA) is an established residential and commercial architecture firm based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with a branch office in Driggs, Idaho. We create distinctive and functional environments where people can live, work, and be inspired. Our passion for architecture has produced a broad range of work across the residential, commercial, and municipal categories. Some of our most satisfying work has been for projects with realistic budgets and demanding programs.

Our body of work includes

  • custom private residences

  • commercial developments

  • municipal structures

  • medical, dental and veterinary facilities

  • tenant improvements

  • highest and best use land planning analyses

  • design, consultation, and documentation for a variety of historic preservation projects

DMA is currently licensed in Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, and Utah. We are well-versed in the different types of site conditions inherent to these mountain areas and well-equipped to offer creative solutions to the challenges they present. 

Quality architecture is supported and complemented by excellent craftsmanship. Our project teams meet regularly with qualified consultants to ensure that we are informed of the latest solutions and connected with the professionals that can execute our clients’ vision.

Rustic facade with panel windows and creek flowing below
Chris Moulder and Kurt Dubbe Architects

Chris Moulder and Kurt Dubbe

Our Commitment to Communication

At DMA we believe that professionalism and clear communication are inextricably linked. Our team is approachable, accessible, and adept at putting our clients’ minds at ease — a byproduct of knowing our craft inside and out. When you work with us, questions, concerns, feedback, and anecdotes are all welcome. We encourage open communication between clients and the tradespeople who will ultimately be constructing the project. No one person has all the answers; however, when all parties involved with the project communicate effectively, the process is more enjoyable and the results are remarkable. 

What We Bring to Your Story

Hiring an architect is a deeply personal choice. Our clients come to us for our inimitable style, which is a combination of training, intuition, and the inspiration drawn from each client and their specific site. Our questions go beyond a list of “must haves,” guiding you to discover what you truly want and need to live your best life in the place you’ll call home. When it’s the right fit, there’s nothing we can’t do together.

DMA can evaluate potential properties prior to purchase. We routinely obtain necessary documentation like permits and subdivision approvals. Our team utilizes 3-D modeling so you can envision your space inside and out, right down to the details. We’re happy to interview or recommend contractors and tradespeople. Site visits are performed regularly. We excel at trouble shooting and problem solving. It’s all part of the job — and we do it with pleasure.

A Tall Order

Kurt Dubbe and Chris Moulder first spotted each other around town because — at 6’7” and 6’6” respectively — they were both tall guys carrying around architectural plans. They got to talking, discovered certain commonalities, and before long the new friends were sharing an office on the Town Square in Jackson. In 1996, the two merged their private practices to form Dubbe Moulder Architects. Their partnership is one founded on friendship and respect. They are not two of kind, but complementary characters who each bring their own expertise and personality to their namesake firm.

Learn more about Kurt and Chris and meet the rest of the team.